A Human Lifting Drone- Casey Neistat, YouTube Vlogger and Film Maker, is known for his craziest stunts and videos. In his latest YouTube video release, Casey is airlifted by a drone! Check the videos... Continue Reading
Let’s get it straight…- How often does it happen that you review your drone video, the one where you panned the gimbal up over a beautiful sunrise landscape and then, as the horizon appears it is as tilted as a pinball machine! Here is a simple solution for DJI pilots... Continue Reading
General Drone Pilot Safety Guidelines- Important Safety Aspects for RPAS/Drone Pilots Whether you are a certified commercial or hobby drone pilot, these important safety aspects will help you to become a better and responsible pilot. Although this article is aimed at and used during RPAS Pilot training and testing, it can be used as safety guidelines for hobby pilots too. Continue Reading
Drone Video Resolution Comparison- We have put together a video to compare drone video resolutions in UHD and FHD using a Phantom 4 and Phantom 3 Advanced. This video represents how most people will be sharing videos using a service like YouTube and it is an FHD or 1080 video. Continue Reading


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