Skylift Y800

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Tried and Tested over a 3 year period all over the world in the harshest conditions.

This baby has proven herself!!

3 - 5 working days for delivery

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  • Skylift Y800 drone built
  • 6 x 400 kv Motors
  • 6 x 40 A Esc Motor Controller
  • 3 x 15 x 8 E” top props
  • 3 x 15 x 10 EP” bottom props
  • Adjustable universal camera gimbal bracket
  • 2 x  Skylift Battery Straps

90 % built. All you need to add is flight controller , batteries and remote.


  • Flight times  up to 30 min
  • Payload  1 ,4 kgs
  • Diameter  motor to motor  80 cm
  • Weight ( Excluding battery and payload ) -3100 g
  • Height  30 cm
  • Landing Gear Height  27 cm


Click here to download the pdf user guide


  • Quick release arm system makes transporting, assembling and disassembling quick and easy.In the event of a crash the arm can be instantly replaced onsite.
  • Adjustable universal bracket is supplied with Skylift frame which can accommodate most gimbal systems.
  • 120 degree between arms allows for large camera movements without prop obstruction.
  • Easy access to controller system.
  • Collapsible Gps stand.
  • Easily accessible battery mounting system.
  • Carbon and nylon fibre composite makes it durable , compact and lightweight.
  • Unique skylift arm design allows for agile , steadier and more efficient turning
  • Optional flight control system allows for full gps waypoint navigation, failsafe , return to home and many other features.
  • Vibration absorbing arm system eliminates vibrations before they get to the camera.
  • Optional rectractable leg system.
  • Heavylift can lift up to 4 kg payload
  • Flight times of up to 30 min using 2 x 6S 6200 mah batteries
  • Advantages of top and bottom counter rotating system:
  • Opposed to traditional hex and octo configuration where the props are mounted next to each other the mounting of props above and below each other makes the craft more aerodynamic therefor reducing the external forces which would normally affect the stability of the craft in windy conditions.
  • This also allows a much faster forward speed as the craft is more aero dynamic.
  • Top and bottom counter rotating propellers significantly reduce the maximum torque that goes into each arm reducing fatigue on the entire system.
  • By using only three arms instead of six the weight of the system is significantly reduced.
  • The overall size of the system is drastically reduced without compromising payload.
  • Top and bottom counter rotating propeller systems are 15% to 20% more energy efficient than equivalent single propeller systems. This is because the air passing through the blades of the propellers is accelerated twice in order to generate thrust instead of a single time, as it is with single propeller systems. This means that each of the two propellers in a contra-rotating system is doing half the work that the propeller in a single propeller system needs to do so they can do their work with fewer viscous losses, and fewer losses due to radial air flow along the length of the propeller blades.
  • The air that goes through the first propeller in a contra-rotating system acquires a rational twist, which is then cancelled out by the reverse rotation of the bottom prop. This has two benefits. The rotational energy in the air is recovered as useful thrust, which increases propeller efficiency, and the air exiting the bottom propeller flows straight down eliminating prop wash.
  • This straight down flow allows the multicopter to descend rapidly without causing the multicopter to have a leaf effect as experienced by traditional hex and octo configurations.

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